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cohiludo Café

Exclusive Coffee Beans and Confections

Served with artisanal confectionery prepared by a master baker, our coffee is brewed using pure Hakuba spring water and exclusive coffee beans carefully sourced from around the world.

■ Original Coffee and Azumino Baked Sweets    ¥980yen



Cohiludo Cafe
“An artisanal approach to baked sweets.“

Azumino, where pure waters meet the clear sky. A Japanese master baker has artfully crafted these tasty baked sweets from ingredients carefully selected from around the world. Experience the genuine taste of natural ingredients from our precious earth. Eat them in the café, and, if you enjoy them, why not take some home?

”Traou Mad”


Cohiludo's ”Traou Mad” are thick butter cookies. Their name means “good things” in the Breton dialect spoken in northwestern France. The secret of their delightful taste comes from using only the finest butter, seasoned with Guérande salt and wild flower honey from Thailand. While relatively unknown to most Japanese, these simple-looking cookies have a lot of appeal as baked sweets. Our Traou Mad flavor is perfectly suited to a cup of Nacha coffee.







”Apple Pie”


Cohiludo's apple pies are made with locally grown apples, gently prepared in compotes of both plain and red wine flavors. When you bite into one of these crusty apple pies, your mouth will be flooded with the mellow fragrance of apples and rich taste of butter.









”Walnut Tart”


Cohiludo's walnut tarts allow you to experience the refined fragrance of French walnuts in a crusty shell suffused with the rich taste and aroma of top-quality butter and the full-bodied flavor of the famous Okazaki Ohan eggs. In each bite, you will be able to savor the many textures and flavors of these luxurious ingredients, each of which has been carefully selected to produce this deceptively simple walnut tart.